SDI 3G Re-clocking 1:4 Splitter

SDI3G421 is ideal for distributing any digital SDI signal to multiple destinations. It sup-ports all standard SMPTE formats ranging from SD, HD and 3G. Lightweight and ruggedized, designed for airborne and vehicle environments. Macro-Blue’s SDI splitter is not just another splitter. In addition to re-clocking all 4 of its outputs, it is especially designed for harsh environments. SDI3G421 consumes a fraction of the energy compared to typical consumer and broad-cast units. It only draws a maximum of 41 milliamps at 28 volts! It can be powered by any DC power source ranging from 8 volts all the way up to 70 volts. Thus, it can be used in either 14.5 or 28 volt vehicle or aircraft applications without modification. It is also suitable for 48 volt telecom applications. It passes the DO-160 80 volt surge (load dump test). It also withstands a 600V spike per DO-160. SDI3G421 is very low EMI. It contains additional noise suppression circuitry for compliance with DO-160 and MIL standards. COTS units are only designed to pass FCC standards. Macro-Blue designed SDI3G421 to pass FAA and MIL standards from the start. The input to SDI3G421 has an extended reach cable equalization circuit that allows operation where others fail; up to 200m at 3GHz, up to 400m at 270 MHz (SD).

Product Sheet

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