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The MB-Series are slimmer, lightweight, low power consumption, passively cooled, high brightness and contrast for direct sunlight visibility. The MB-Series offer the same quality features found in the MA-Series such as full vibrant colors including reds and yellows when ordered with NVIS lighting. Touch screen is Multi-Touch P-CAP, multi-touch projective capacitance allows one to zoom in/out or rescale the display, using three or more activation points; works well with gloves and tolerates moisture. There are several mounting options: panel mount, side mount, VESA mount 75 x 75 mm and RAM mount.

Multiple Control Options

The MB-Series can be configured by your choice of push button, MIL-Style knobs, touch screen (TS); or a combination of TS + push button controller, or TS + military style knob controller.  These external controllers can be mounted anywhere in the vicinity of the display, maximizing the use of valuable panel space.



Picture-in-Picture and Overlay

The MB-Series contains advanced video processing that allows two images to be displayed at the same time, either as a window within the background screen or as a transparent overlay. The amount of transparency is adjustable. The overlay image can be scaled from a small window to full screen. Windows can be placed anywhere on the screen. The two images can be swapped with a single switch operation. This allows such features as transparent graphics overlaid on live video, or viewing live video with an interactive map simultaneously displayed on one screen as either PnP or side by side.

World Class Sunlight Readability

Combining proprietary optical cover glass coatings, index matched bonding, optimal LCD pixel patterns and 1400 to 1500nit back-light, the MB-Series exceed MIL-L-85762A sunlight contrast standards. MIL standards call for a minimum sunlight contrast of 4.6. The MB-Series typically exceeds sunlight contrast  far exceeding this stringent standard. Most competitive displays advertising 1500nits and sunlight readability only achieve contrast ratios of 1.5 to 2.5 when put to the test.

Super Fine Brightness Control

The MB-Series provide over 3000 brightness levels in either Day or Night modes. This gives the operator the ultimate control with super fine control and wide adjustment range. Most competitive displays only provide 256 brightness levels and much less adjustment range.



  • DO-160F
  • MIL-STD-3009
  • MIL-C-675
  • MIL-C-14806A

Long Life LED Lighting

LED backlighting is rated for 100,000 hours. We do not overdrive our LEDs.

Thermal Protection

LEDs incur permanent damage when operated at temperatures above 100C (212F). The MB-Series LEDs are conductively thermal cooled. Under rated operating conditions they do not reach these damaging temperatures. However, if operated in extreme hot conditions, the  MB-Series contain thermal sensors and circuitry that automatically reduce LED currents, preventing damage.

Wide Operating Conditions

The MB-Series is built with special wide temperature LCD chemistry. Operation is rated for -20C (-4F) to 70C (+158F). Many competitive monitors can only operate from 0C (+32F) to 50C (+122F). They may need heaters to operate below freezing. MB-Series Internal electronics are rated for the same range, -20C (-4F) to 70C (+158F).

Quality Materials

Bezel is constructed from machined billet aluminum. Chassis is all aluminum. Surfaces are an extremely durable powder-coated finish.

Independently Driven LED Strings

Each string of LEDs is provided an independent precision current source. Many competitors wire their LEDs into a combination a parallel and series current paths. Over time and due to tiny differences in each LED, some paths will draw too much or too little current causing irregular lighting and reduced LED life. Macro-Blue avoids this by precisely controlling the current to each LED. This ensures the longest life and uniform lighting.

Power Efficient

Excluding LED lighting, the MB-Series only consumes 13W of energy. Both the LEDs and electronics are conductively cooled to the aluminum bezel and chassis. The MB-Series runs so cool, that no fan is required. This avoids contamination of internal circuitry, especially around salt air or dust environments. Most competitive monitors require a fan and cooling vents.

Resilient to Abnormal Conditions

While optimized for 24-28 volt operation, the MB-Series can run continuous anywhere from 10 volts up to 38 volts DC. Additionally, it continues to operate for limited periods up to 80V per DO-160 and withstands 600V power spikes. The MB-Series continues to operate without blinking during cold engine starts and severe load dumps, where others fail. If operated outside rated limits, circuitry will protect the unit during excursions from -80V to +100V.

Reverse Battery Protection

MB-Series power circuits contain extra protection circuits. In addition to overvoltage protection, should a battery or ground power unit be hooked up to the airship with reversed polarity; the MB-Series will protect itself.

Dual Mode NVIS (Optional)

Dual Mode NVIS

The MB-Series incorporate 2 separate lighting systems into one display.  Day Mode provides FULL COLOR without a NVIS filter for great sunlight readability and accurate color; a separate system for NVIS operation provides the best of both worlds.

Control Lighting

The controls are NVIS Green A manufactured and tested in accordance with MIL-C-675 and MIL-C-14806A.


MB-Series units meet and exceed all the requirements of MIL-STD-3009. Every unit is fully tested.

NVIS Automatic Dimmer

The NVIS backlit controls automatically dim with the brightness and mode of the display, further easing operator workload.

Rotary Switches and Dials (Optional)

All functions can be controlled via the front panel military style knobs. Common functions are only one click away. This avoids the “press and hold” style of settings often found with pushbutton control displays. Less often used advanced setup and adjustments are available via a 5 way rocker control. The MIL style knobs are easy to operate in turbulence. There is excellent tactile feedback even with gloved operation. Brightness control is smooth and non-linearly tapered to appear linear to the human eye. This provides the ultimate wide adjustment range; 3000:1.

Multi-Touch Screen (Optional)

An optional Touch Screen is available on the MB-Series.  The screen is a Multi-touch, P-CAP, projective capacitance that works well with gloves and tolerates moisture. 

Interface Configurations Options

Order the interface combination that suits your mission statement.


Examples of common configurations.

Configuration 1Configuration 2Configuration 3
(2) Composite Video Inputs(2) (3G, HD, SD) SDI Inputs(4) Composite Video Inputs
(2) Loop Thrus(2) Loop Thrus(1) DVI/HDMI
(1) VGA Input(1) VGA Input(2) VGA Inputs
(1) (3G, HD, SD) SDI Inputs
(1) Loop Thru

Available in other configurations up to:

Composite Video4
Loop Thrus (2 SDI, 2 Composite)4

Consult your sales engineer for your configuration options.


ASPECT RATIO 4:34:316:1016:9
DISPLAY ACTIVE AREA (in) 10.4" Diagonal 15.1" Diagonal 12.1" Diagonal 15.6" Diagonal
RESOLUTION 1024 x 768 XGA 1024 x 768 XGA1280 x 800 WXGA 1920 x 1080 FULL HD
MECHANICAL ENVELOPE (in) 10.00" x 8.05" x 2.42" 15.40" x 9.65" x 2.45" 11.9" x 8.25" x 2.37" 13.75" x 11.00" x 2.69"
NVIS (Optional)(Optional)(Optional)(Optional)
ANTI-REFLECTIVE GLASS MIL-C-675 and MIL-C-14806A MIL-C-675 and MIL-C-14806A MIL-C-675 and MIL-C-14806A MIL-C-675 and MIL-C-14806A
TEMPERATURE OPERATING RANGE -20C to +70C -20C to +70C -20C to +70C -20C to +70C
ZOOM 10x Zoom / Freeze 10x Zoom / Freeze 10x Zoom / Freeze 10x Zoom / Freeze
CONTROLS Push Button External Controller Push Button External Controller Push Button External Controller Push Button External Controller



INPUT 1 VGA Input 1 VGA Input 1 VGA Input
LEAD-TIMECallCall Call Call

Product Sheet

Download the MB-Series Tactical Displays Product Sheet